Type of Refrigerators

There are different terms for refrigerator systems and they come in different sizes and shapes. There are terms that are used for them because they all work differently. Although they are refrigerators but they are equipped to work for different reasons. They all work on the same principle because they draw and transfer heat from the objects or source that is inside to the surrounding. This ensures that the temperature of the inside is kept cool or it remains below the ambient room temperature and it also protects the food from being spoiled.

Type of refrigerators

There are different terms that are used for refrigerators such as fridge, refrigerator, freezer and chiller. These are home appliances with the main purpose to store food and for cooling. The temperature can be set and changed so that the food goes not spoil especially in summer. Some people prefer to get the same temperature for all seasons. These fridges are available in the commercial range to meet the needs of businesses such as supermarkets, hotels and butcheries as well as restaurants. All these fridges are beneficial for both businesses and households.

Refrigerators and fridges are more or less of the same thing. A fridge is a term for the refrigerator. A refrigerator is commonly used in homes, the industrial and commercial appliance for preserving food by lowering the temperature. The temperature should not be high because it has to store food and vegetables and leftovers. The temperature is normally of a few degrees above the freezing point of water. Some refrigerators may come with a freezer as two separate compartments and as a combo and they are still called a refrigerator but the colder compartment is called a freezer because it is supposed to keep frozen food cold for long as well as meat.

Freezers are also used in households and in commerce and industry. They are used to transfer heat from objects within an enclosed area by means of evaporation. It works as a refrigerator but the only difference is that it works as an evaporator and it is also used for cooling gas which evaporates heat from the object.

Chillers are also used for cooling objects but to a lower temperature of liquids. A chillers extracts heat from the liquids by using a vapour compression technique. Chillers are commonly used in air conditioning systems as well as in many industrial applications such as food and beverages.

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