The Importance Of Caring For Your Catering Equipment.

Now you’ve purchased your catering equipment then what? The only way in which you can get the best out of your new investment is to perform regular maintenance checks as well as to treat it with respect. It is an asset after all. Maintenance includes cleaning your equipment on a regular base, not tending to your equipment may lead to money out of pocket for repairs. There are a couple of tasks you will need to perform on all your equipment to ensure that it runs smoothly.

  1. Read the Manual (carefully)

Let’s face it we don’t always read manuals, as soon as we buy something we chuck that piece of paper in the drawer and forget all about it. The first thing you should do is to read the manual as soon as you get the new equipment, this will provide you with the correct information on how to use the catering equipment and the best way to care for it. Using the equipment incorrectly can cause it to break or malfunction so make sure that you read to understand and not just skim through it. Once you’ve read it put it in a safe place so that you’ll have it for future references.

  1. The Warranty Card.

Ensure you read the warranty card carefully and understand the terms and conditions of use. Each warranty often includes a certain number of years in free service and repairs. Like with the user manual don’t just chuck the warranty in an old junk drawer, keep it in a safe place.

  1. Proper Use

If someone else other than you will also be using the machine ensure that you educate and train them in the proper use of the catering equipment, this will prevent misuse that may cause breakdown of the machine.

  1. Thoroughly clean all equipment on regular bases.

Daily cleaning of equipment is perhaps one the most important things that a caterer can do to preserve the life span of equipment. Daily cleaning will prevent dirt from being lodged in the machine’s main components. Daily cleaning is not enough though. Deep clean your equipment at least once every 2 weeks, the purpose of deep cleaning catering equipment is to get to those hard to reach places to remove grease and grim.

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