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A brief look at what makes a mincer, tick.

In order to have a fully functional butchery, you will have to have a number of machines and pieces of equipment so that you can provide your customers with any and all their requirements. One of these pieces of machinery is a mincer. Mincers are even found in homes now days.

All mincers consist of the same basic parts: the hopper, the pusher, the tray, the plate and the blade

At the top of the mincer, there is an opening called the hopper. This is where you add your cubes of mute. You will then push the meet down the feeder tube with the pusher. There is a tray usually found at the top of the feeder tube where you can rest extra meet while its waiting to be minced. The bigger this tray, the more meat you can rest on it and the more meat you can mince at a time.

The screw is the part that is referred to as the main working part of the mincer. It steadily pushes the meat down the shaft towards the blades.

The business part of the mincer is the plate and the blade and the actual mincing is done by these 2 parts. The blade is a small piece of stainless steel which is usually in the shape of a cross and it has an extremely sharp edge. Each arm of the blade rotates against the plate (another name for the plate is a die). The die is a flat piece of stainless steel with holes fabricated into it. The pusher forces the meat through the blade and out of the holes in the plate. The size of the holes in the plate are what determine the size of the “strands” of mince. There is also a cover that keeps the blade as well as the plate firmly in place as they chop the meat.

There are a number of options available to you when choosing a meat mincer. The good side is that none of them are bad as it is quite a simple piece of machinery and not a lot can go wrong.

Do not hesitate to call the leading catering supplies company, CATS Catering Equipment, if you are looking for a fresh new mincer for your butchery or even your home as some people like to mince their own meat.

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